Purpose Driven

innovative, specialized, and effective

Purpose Driven

innovative, specialized, and effective

Purpose Driven

innovative, specialized, and effective

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Cayman Motoring Federation (CMF) is established for the purpose of enhancing the motoring movement and safeguard interests in relation to motoring in the Cayman Islands through education, training and special programs.

CMF is committed to offering innovative, specialized, and effective services to the people of the Cayman Islands.

The object of the CMF shall be to establish a union between its Members, chiefly with a view to:


Ensuring the unity of the motoring movement and safeguarding the interests, material and moral, of motorcycle events within the territory of the Cayman Islands.


Promoting the development of motor traffic, motor safety and touring, and contributing to improvement of the environment.


Developing an environment and working relationship between the CMF and all relevant Government bodies for the benefit of all members.


Promoting the development of motorsport, interpreting and enforcing common rules applicable to the organisation and running of events with specific emphasis on all aspects of safety.


Encouraging the reinforcing and improvement of the facilities and services of the Members of the CMF.


Exercising jurisdiction in respect of disputes of a sporting order and any disputes which might arise between its Members, or in relation to any of its Members having contravened the obligations laid down by the Statutes and Regulations.


Preserving and conserving all documents concerning motoring in order to trace its History within the territory.